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Are You Living in Time Poverty?

“We helped a struggling family get access to housing in one-third of the time it normally takes to place someone.”

That’s the success Loren Couch, a case manager at Homeward Bound, recently reported. Loren went on to say,

“CRN’s simple electronic referral system not only saves our case managers time and effort but also helped a family in our community—where affordable housing is rare—step out of a shelter and into a home in record time. CRN puts our clients at the front of the line in one-third the time!”

Many of the incredible caseworkers, providers, and care coordinators we serve at CRN lament that there is never enough time in the day—not enough time caring for all their clients and patients, not enough time for adequate case management, and not enough time for themselves, for the necessary self-care it takes to be a champion for people in need in our community.

There are emerging studies including this one that show most people in general report feeling consistently ‘time poor’—too many things to do and not enough time to do them.

The study also states that, like financial poverty, time poverty is linked to lower well-being, physical health, and productivity.

CRN was built to save time, and instant electronic referrals—which eliminate the need for countless phone calls, in-person visits, and faxes—are just one of the ways it can help you and your clients get out of time poverty.

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