Community Resource Network

Community Resource Network (CRN)

This exciting community work will explore opportunities to change the way we work and communicate by facilitating the electronic collection and secure exchange of data.

Privacy and security is our highest concern, organizations interested in participating in this exciting community resource will complete an Agreement, which delineates the standards for data exchange and access.

Many Social Service organizations are not covered entities under HIPAA; they will complete the Community Resource Network Agreement.

Those organizations which are covered entities under HIPAA will complete the QHN Electronic Commerce Agreement.

If you would like to participate in the development of CRN, or need additional information, please contact: Cindy Wilbur, Director Community Resource Network.

Community Resource Network (CRN)

QHN has been providing for the secure electronic exchange of health information between authorized medical providers, since 2004. However, what we usually think of as “health care” - regular screenings and check-ups, going to the doctor when we’re sick – is only about 10% of what defines our health 1. The rest is dependent on things like social and environmental factors, genetics and individual behavior.

CRN begins to bridge the gap by combining these social elements, the social determinants of health, into a whole-person picture of health. As the social information exchange complement to QHN’s health information exchange, CRN allows both medical and community service providers (housing, home visitation, behavioral health, etc.) to have access to a robust picture of the many factors that influence an individual’s health.

Changing the Way we work

We are inviting all stakeholders to help us explore and change the way we work together to better serve the needs of our community. To connect what used to be silos of services and create a system where all domains can coordinate their work to improve the health of our community, one individual at a time.

The CRN allows us to improve the health and safely of the community and support each other by:
  • Collecting and using data to identify individuals at risk in our community, regardless of their entry point for services.
  • Proactively provide interventions and services to mitigate risks and support healthy behaviors
  • Decreasing the barriers to care and services for individuals in the community
  • Providing the timely and consistent dissemination of information regarding the entry and exit of individuals from care, services, or a change in circumstances

Benefits to the Community

  • Expand the quality, access and scope of services without materially increasing workforce
  • Provide low cost infrastructure for communication and collaboration among all service providers
  • Decrease the overall cost of providing services by reducing duplication in the collection and reporting of demographic, assessment and other information
  • Facilitate secure, streamlined communication and information sharing between medical and non-medical care team members that meets both HIPAA (health), FERPA (education), and other confidentiality regulations
  • Support the establishment of a standard processes for community wide referrals, tracking, and closure
1 Tarlov AR. Public policy frameworks for improving population health. Ann N Y Acad Sci 1999; 896: 281-93

Want to participate in the development of CRN, or would you like more information?
Contact: Cindy Wilbur, Director Community Resource Network.
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