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QHN develops and deploys cost-effective services that improve collaboration and coordination of patient information. By doing so, we support the health of Western Colorado residents and the success of our medical neighborhoods. QHN provides participants with world-class innovation, advanced technologies and supports the need for efficient, effective delivery of high-quality healthcare services.

Connecting medical providers to vital information for better patient care

QHN is a secure health information exchange dedicated to providing medical providers with the information they need to improve the health and medical care of those that live in Western Colorado. QHN is recognized as an industry leader and one of the nation’s leading and most advanced health information exchanges (HIE).

With our uniquely connected technology, we do much more than just exchange information. We make the information meaningful by aggregating and analyzing patient data to help the medical community improve preventive care and the management of chronic diseases.

QHN’s network makes sure the right information – from hospitals, practices, labs, insurance companies and more – reaches the right people at the right time through a single online resource to help you enhance patient care, improve efficiency and lower costs. The QHN network is extensive extending throughout the 40,000 square miles that comprise the western Colorado medical trade area, with more than 94 percent connectivity of the regions healthcare providers; view the QHN Regional Connectivity Map.

We provide:Longitudinal Patient Record – Patient Summary Record
We provide a single online resource for physicians to access a comprehensive view of the patient, allowing them to electronically locate, connect to and review a longitudinal (over-time) patient record, or comprehensive “Patient Summary.”

Clinical messages received from disparate clinical sources are integrated into the Patient View in a uniform way without commingling the data. This view provides a single unified, longitudinal record of patient data across and between healthcare organizations, via an easy-to-use, intuitive web-based interface that is accessible anywhere, anytime. To save you time and improve practice flow a new encounter based view allows you to select a patient ambulatory or inpatient encounter and view all information (diagnostic testing, transcription, etc.) associated with the encounter.

A hover-over pop-up feature provides a quick summary of details associated with each message listing. The Patient Summary feeds include ADT, Labs, Rad, Path, Orders, Micro, Transcription, and Clinical Summaries (CCD/CDA). This is a single online resource for patient information helping medical providers make faster, better-informed diagnoses and patients to receive better continuity of care.

Data Analytics Tools
QHN is helping to improve the health of Western Colorado residents by aggregating and analyzing patient data that passes through the network. Findings regarding patient healthcare will be used to help the physician community improve preventive care and management of chronic diseases. QHN will also be able to identify best practices used by area physicians and deploy these tactics more widely for better overall patient care.
  • Registry tools- QHN works with providers EHR systems to improve the health of the Western Colorado community through better aggregation and analysis of clinical data. Registry tools help physicians not only address patients’ daily needs, but also provide enhanced preventative care and management of chronic illness.
  • Population Risk - QHN supports Archimedes IndiGO, a risk stratification and patient-facing behavior management tool, to calculate the risk a patient has of a health event such as a heart attack, stroke or the onset of diabetes. The application suggests and prioritizes the medications and lifestyle changes necessary to reduce the risk. By helping the patient understand their risk, healthcare providers and organizations can provide better care while averting preventable hospitalizations and lower costs.
  • QHN utilizes solutions from a variety of best-of-breed vendors to facilitate the exchange of data, including:
  • Mirth Corporation – for interfacing, interoperability, longitudinal patient record and QHN Direct
Alerts and Notifications
With QHN’s new Alerts feature, clinical users can be notified of their patients’ encounters such as hospital and ER admissions based on their needs. A variety of methods can be deployed to deliver Alerts, such as messages to an email account or mobile device. This feature helps providers who participate in practice transformation activities such as; Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Comprehensive Primary Care initiative (CPCi) qualify for enhanced reimbursement.

QHN Direct and HISP solutions
QHN Direct, secure and encrypted email, allows clinicians and other users to securely exchange confidential patient information in real-time including attachments (images, progress notes, etc.). Direct messaging is a critical part of a providers’ ability to continue to achieve the MU milestones (Transitions in Care) and receive EHR Incentive payments. This function is fully integrated into the new QHN Platform and easily accessed from the Patient Summary or Direct tab.

Developing and maintaining a quickly searchable Direct Email Directory is part of QHN’s Direct services, QHN is also a e-Health Exchange participant to support MU achievement.

As a HISP (Health Information Service Provider) QHN is performing the key functions that support scalability of exchange using the Direct standard; issuing security certificates to establish trust networks and defining policies for network participation, issuing direct addresses in accordance with conventions defined by the Direct standard and providing Direct-compliant message transport services for its participants. QHN also offers HISP to HISP connectivity.

EHR Integration/Interfaces
Our clinical messaging architecture supports integration to third-party EHR systems, based on a standardized HL7 interface and other interface formats. Lab results, radiology reports, transcribed notes from other participating providers and more can be delivered directly to your clinical inbox. Learn more about EHR connectivity.

Data Integration
Central to a health information exchange is data exchange and integration from a variety of data systems. We work with various technology vendors to quickly leverage existing hospital and lab messaging systems and portals to securely route clinical messages out to the HIE, data repository, and to and from provider systems.

Hosting and Infrastructure
QHN hosts a good portion of the infrastructure with third-party vendors, but also houses critical infrastructure at their office in Grand Junction. Regardless of location, all are housed in secure data centers with full data monitoring, security, system back up and disaster recovery services.

Training and Support
QHN provides on-site and Web-based training to help physicians and office staff incorporate the longitudinal patient record and other QHN services—such as the Crimson Care Registry and Archimedes—into their daily workflow. Learn more about how QHN supports training.

QHN assigns an account manager to support each participating provider. Additional technical support is available through the Customer Support Request submission form or by calling (970)248-0033.
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