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Extraordinary Interoperability and Flexibility

The new QHN System has powerful information sharing capabilities and the ability to easily integrate with various technology platforms utilized by healthcare providers, state and national organizations and government agencies.

EHR Connectivity

QHN can deliver data directly to, or receive data from, the electronic health record (EHR) systems of participating providers. Our clinical messaging architecture supports integration to third-party EHR systems, based on a standardized HL7 and CDA specifications, and can accommodate other formats if needed. Lab results, radiology reports, transcribed notes, and other data types from other participating providers and hospitals can be delivered directly to your clinical inbox.

QHN currently has relationships with many EHR products and connectivity to new vendors is continually in the work queue, please see the EHR Connectivity Matrix or contact your QHN account manager to discuss a direct QHN interface.

QHN’s health information exchange is Internet based; users do not need an EHR to access patient information in the QHN System. QHN Participants may use QHN Results, Patient Summary Record (a patients' longitudinal health record) and QHN Direct without an EHR.

Technology and Advanced Information Security

QHN utilizes solutions from best-of-breed vendors to facilitate the exchange of data in our medical neighborhoods, including:
  • Mirth Corporation – for interfacing, interoperability, data repository and aggregation
  • Mirth Match – for our Master Patient Index (MPI)
  • Mirth Mail - for QHN Direct secure email service
  • eHealth Technologies - for Image Exchange
QHN works with vendors to provide the most advanced information safeguards available to protect private health information as it is exchanged between health care providers, including a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL—also referred to as Transport Security Layer, TSL). All users have a unique user name and password, and the exchange is a robust role-based security system with configurable access controls. Our systems have enhanced reporting features to ensure users meet HIPAA requirements and privacy regulations. For more information please contact the QHN Security and Privacy Officer.
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