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Protecting Patient Privacy is our #1 Priority

The privacy and security of the data entrusted to QHN is our first priority.

For almost a decade, QHN has been recognized as one of the nations most advanced and progressive health information exchange (HIE) organizations, QHN wants the people and the medical providers in the communities we serve to understand how health information is exchanged and protected in our system.

QHN's Commitment to Privacy and Security

QHN and its participating providers make the privacy of your personal health information of primary importance. The HIE is designed to protect patient information more effectively than the previous system of paper records by using technical safeguards including encryption and multiple levels of password protection. Electronic records offer the added security of electronic tracking systems, which provide a history of when records have been accessed and who has accessed them.

How are records kept private and secure?
QHN uses advanced technologies, documented procedures and sound business practices to ensure all health information in our HIE is secure. Only authorized healthcare providers involved in the care of a patient, or those providing services to a patient, can access the individually identifiable electronic patient records in the QHN system.

All systems, including provider’s electronic health record (EHR’s) systems and QHN’s network, must comply with the security provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and all applicable state and federal privacy regulations.

Who has access to health information through QHN?
QHN’s HIE provides for the secure electronic transfer of patient health information among authorized medical providers and healthcare organizations to make sure they have the most accurate and timely information for making the best healthcare decisions. Only authorized medical personnel can access patient information through the exchange. Providers use secure logins and transmission of all personal health information is encrypted.

What kind of health information is exchanged through the HIE?
QHN sends and receives information from healthcare providers such as a patient’s medical history, laboratory and/or imaging results, medications, allergies, known drug reactions, diagnoses, inpatient procedures, patient summaries and demographic information.

For additional information about QHN’s privacy and security policies, please read the QHN Policies.
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