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Supporting providers with Direct secure email and HISP Solutions

QHN Direct is a secure messaging/email service offered by Quality Health Network. It is specifically designed for simple, secure communication of health information in today’s health care context.

A Simple, Secure Solution for Health Information Exchange

QHN Direct Secure Messaging

As part of a national effort to promote improved communications among health care providers and increased interoperability between systems, the new Direct communication standard was created. DIRECT is incorporated into electronic health records as part of their meaningful use requirements.

DIRECT works like secure email and supports patient referrals and transitions of care. DIRECT is a point to point exchange which allows one care provider to send (push) specific information to another care provider securely with the added advantage that the recipient can file many of the documents directly into the patients chart.

Why QHN Direct?

It is simple. Any provider with an Internet connection can utilize Direct to securely exchange patient information. Direct is based on national standards and makes trusted information exchange possible across providers, clinical settings throughout your medical neighborhood in a user-friendly way.

It is secure. QHN Direct is designed using national standards that thoroughly outline secure transport specifications for point-to-point information exchange between providers. It addresses HIPAA, HITECH and other privacy, security and operating standards.

It is fast. With QHN Direct, patient information can be sent and received among providers electronically and instantaneously without and interface. QHN Direct streamlines the time-consuming process of printed, faxed or mailed exchange of patient information.

QHN HISP Services

What is a HISP?
The term Health Information Service Provider (HISP) is used to both describe a function, the management of security and transport for secure (Direct) message exchange, and an organizational model - an organization that performs HISP functions.

Why do I need a HISP?
Health Information Service Providers (HISPs) play an essential role in achieving the Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU2), core objective on transitions of care. This objective incentivizes providers to use a summary of care record (CCD or C-CDA) for referrals between settings of care. Both Eligible Hospitals (EHs) and Eligible Professionals (EPs) are required to send a summary of care record for more than 50% of referrals or care transitions – and 10% of those must be done electronically.

This standard focuses on the movement of the patient, and the secure movement of care information, from one setting to another. The HISP functions as an electronic middleman, allowing a particular EHR system to communicate with technology outside of its network — that is, where the real exchange of health information takes place.

What about the HISP in my EHR?
Most EHR vendors have their own inclusive HISP as part of their MU2 certification, but it is not required to use this HISP for MU2. Even though your EHR may have built-in messaging software, with the option to send a summary of care document with a referral, you will still potentially need a HISP in order to assure the secure delivery of the message in a “digestible” format for the intended recipient. The intent of this MU objective is to improve the quality of care by managing care transitions.

There are many variables in this exchange process and the potential for the information to be “lost in translation” and not consumable by other provider(s) exists. QHN can support your practice in this process, please contact your Clinical Account Manager for more information.

QHN’s HISP Services
As an eHealth Exchange Participant, and with the robust network QHN has established in the western Colorado medical trade area, QHN is soundly positioned to provide HISP services. The QHN network of connected hospitals, healthcare service providers and EHR interfaces touches more than 90 percent of all western Colorado providers. If you are working towards Meaningful Use, QHN can work with you and your EHR vendor or HISP to provide HISP, or HISP to HISP (hub) services
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