VVH & Delta Ambulatory Data in QHN

Access to Ambulatory Data Improves Care Coordination

Valley View Hospital and Delta County Memorial Hospital make the commitment to have their ambulatory clinics send progress notes and visit summaries to QHN.

Ambulatory Clinic Data from Valley View and Delta Hospitals Now in QHN

The ambulatory clinics associated with Valley View Hospital and Delta Country Memorial Hospital are now sending their progress notes and visit summaries to QHN. This data is available in the QHN Patient Summary (longitudinal record) in the Documentation clinical section, so providers can access this information to improve care coordination.

Many of the providers in the Glenwood and Delta medical neighborhoods and at regional referral centers share patients with these clinics. Having access to information on what is happening in the ambulatory setting available in QHN for the entire care team, including emergency providers and hospitalists, can make a significant difference in the coordination, efficiency and timeliness of care.

“I query every patient in QHN that I admit to confirm diagnosis, medications and recent health events,” said Dr. Kelly Mistry, hospitalist at Community Hospital. “This simple step often streamlines the admit process, helping me know more about the patient, this background knowledge also helps the patient feel a bit more comfortable with a hospitalist physician taking charge of their care.”

The clinics associated with Valley View Hospital include Glenwood Orthopaedic Center, Rocky Mountain Urology Associates, Eagle Valley Medical Center, Women's Health, Roaring Fork Family Practice, Mount Sopris Plastic Surgery Center, Pediatric Partners of Glenwood and Internal Medicine, Neurology Center, The Lung Center, Brain Surgery and Comprehensive Spine Center, Foot and Ankle Center and The Heart and Vascular Center, all at Valley View.

Premier Women's Healthcare, Primary Care-Hotchkiss, Delta County Memorial Hospital Family Medicine, Primary Care and Internal Medicine Associates and Grand Mesa Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Oncology Center are the eight Delta County Memorial Hospital ambulatory clinics sending data.

“We are delighted with the completion of these two collaborative projects to export progress/encounter notes from the 13 Valley View Hospital clinics and eight Delta County Memorial Hospital clinics this is a real breakthrough for area clinicians,” says Dick Thompson, CEO at QHN. “Providers in multiple care settings will now be able to access information from these ambulatory clinics regarding a patient they may be treating.”
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