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Like No Other: Our Unique Consent Model

Did you know that CRN has robust data access controls, which include client consent, roles and permissions, and data compliance standards to make sure personal data is secure and seen only by those who have the proper security clearance to view it? CRN also provides the individual with choices on how to share data with their care team.


The platform’s unique consent model puts the client in charge of who sees their information and when. When dealing with consent, we knew that one-size-fits-all, as used in other care coordination tools, would not work for our community.  So, we created options including network-wide consent, team-based consent, and client-based consent that put the client in control of who sees their information—no exceptions.
Our consent model couples the person’s choice with ease of not having to give consent every single time.

Did you know that other platforms rely on scraping the internet for resources? Not us— CRN is secure AND efficient. Our networks are created by and defined by communities to knit together vested stakeholders in a shared safety net environment. These networks developed at the community level provide data governance and security for an individual’s record.

We are building trust one partner at a time.