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Meet the CRN Team

CRN is an award-winning, team-based service coordination platform that integrates with our local Health Information Exchange, QHN, to boost community-wide health. It makes integration of Social Determinants of Health data not only possible- but simple, visual, and powerful.

Let’s meet the team that is working hard to bring CRN to all communities in western CO-

Jackie Sievers
Director of Implementation
Jackie is responsible for the successful implementation and adoption of CRN throughout the region. She builds relationships with community collaborators to ensure a smooth but impactful implementation of CRN. 

Jackie brings decades of experience in the social and medical spheres to the team and is thrilled about the future of CRN.

“I get excited about reducing barriers to services. So often, people must go to multiple offices, fill out a lot of forms, make calls and leave messages just to get what they need. We have created a way to make that process faster and easier so that a person can connect with one entity and referrals and information can generate from there to other services that the person may need. And when a person who is hungry gets access to food, that’s a major win.” ~Jackie

Tessa McInnis
Project Manager
Tessa manages the entire CRN project- from the technology build to the constant improvements that make the solution perfect for each community it serves.


“The work we are doing is exciting because after years of hard work as a community we are seeing the vision begin to come to fruition. While the work is full of complexities and barriers to overcome, knowing that ultimately we are improving lives is what makes it all worthwhile. As momentum continues to grow and the platform is utilized, it’s incredible to see the results of a community truly coming together to take steps in the right direction.” ~Tessa

Jason McRoy
Director of Analytics
Jason serves as the solution infrastructure and data model architect for CRN.

A well-known leader in the health analytics community, Jason ensures that our technology and analytic features are always at the forefront of the latest technology.

“At CRN we are transforming complex, retrospective patient data from different sources into meaningful, prospective insight. I’m honored to be a part of it.” ~Jason

Jeff Stoddart
Business Analyst
Jeff is the CRN Business Analyst, and he assists the team with the management of the CRN project.


“I love that we help reduce the amount of burden on clients. Any little step to help clients can have a great impact. The less they have to remember and do the easier it is for them to concentrate on getting the help they need.” ~Jeff

Laura Head
Technical Manager
Laura makes sure the back end of the platform is functioning and looking beautiful for the best user experience.

“I love it when a user is impressed by CRN’s simple workflow, but I also love it when a client gets the help they need quickly and efficiently. CRN is about helping everyone succeed and celebrate those successes together.” ~Laura

Chris Nenne
Programmer Analyst
Chris supports the technical team by making sure there are no bugs and that the platform is working properly.

“CRN opens communication between people so they can share their perspective on a client’s needs. With everyone contributing, a more holistic picture of the client begins to develop. Instead of treating symptoms, they help treat problems and develop solutions that go beyond wellness checks and food vouchers.” ~Chris