Position Description

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Quality Health Network is a health information exchange (HIE) that is a tax-exempt corporation under section 501(c)(3), headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado, and servicing communities and healthcare providers primarily across western slope of Colorado.

In partnership with QHN’s Board of Directors, and working closely with the senior leadership team, the CEO is ultimately responsible to guide and influence strategic vision, and to provide financial and operational leadership.

This position serves as QHN’s principal public representative and key relationship builder throughout the state and nation, and primary liaison with other CEOs and community leaders.

As a strong leader/partner in the community, the CEO is also responsible to champion QHN’s culture, living as an exemplar of the organization’s values, and working relentlessly toward its service-focused mission; sustains and generates credibility for QHN’s innovative, entrepreneurial approach throughout all external interactions.



Board Leadership – an active partner with the Board of Directors; primarily accountable for organizing and responding to Board requirements and initiatives, as directed.

Organizational Leadership and Management – the organization’s senior leader and manager; establishes the vision and strategic direction, directs/manages/leads supporting operational and financial plans, and guides the organization toward specific and quantifiable goals.

Vision Leader – responsible for growing and sustaining QHN into the future including identifying new customers, markets, and business endeavors beyond the traditional HIE business model.

Senior Coach/Talent Manager – oversees key position talent recruitment, management and manages succession planning; responsible to recruit and develop senior leaders – either growth in a current role or preparation for other, more senior positions.

Community Leadership – responsible to engage with and actively serve as a community leader across service organizations, Boards, committees, etc. in a fashion that affirms QHN’s credibility as a partner and helps grow the organization.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Leadership – serves as the primary “HIE” voice/champion, primarily throughout Colorado but also in collaboration with other HIEs nationally.

Personal Leadership – accountable to model, enhance, and preserve the QHN culture.


In collaboration with the senior leadership team, effectively links QHN strategy to recurring operations and financial matters.

    • Identifies and effectively manages organizational risk across all areas of the business.
    • Anticipates, identifies, and pursues new technologies and solutions that address emerging customer/stakeholder needs.
    • Identifies new funding sources and guides budget development and resource management; supports appropriate audit and reporting requirements (internal and external reviews).
    • Sustains the organization’s legal and regulatory status through business filings and compliance with relevant law, policy, and regulation.
    • Oversees sales, marketing, and business development activities.
    • Establishes a quality management approach that meets QHN’s mission and demonstrates its values.
    • Sustains stakeholder/industry trust in QHN by rigorously overseeing implementation of all appropriate national and industry privacy and security (including cybersecurity) measures.
    • Maintains a work environment that attracts and retains national-level talent; the environment allows individuals to learn and grow toward personal and career objectives (realize dreams working for QHN).
  • QS Systems, Inc is a for-profit company in which QHN is part owner.  QS Systems, in conjunction with QHN, has developed an award-winning software platform for social information exchange which is now used by CRN and is being implemented in other areas of the USA.  Some level of involvement would be required of the new CEO.
  • Effectively sustains the Board’s awareness of QHN organizational “health”.
  • Maintains national-level industry awareness across general health, healthcare, HIE, and health information technology (HIT) trends, and relevant legislative direction – postures QHN to anticipate and lead vs. react.
  • Directs and/or personally sustains working relationships with community and regional leaders, key members of the Colorado legislature, state officials, Colorado’s Congressional delegation, and national-level leaders/associations, as appropriate; coordinates federal legislative and other government agency initiatives with other organizations as needed.
  • Understands and appreciates differences in cultures and how to direct communication that is culturally aware.
  • Actively directs and/or engages and influences state and federal legislative policy with respect to HIE/HIT; educates the public and promotes grassroots involvement in state and federal health care policy advocacy.
  • Sustains and advances the QHN brand.


  • A person of integrity.
  • A proactive, self-starting strategic, and ever-curious thinker.
  • A master of emotional intelligence – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management; naturally applies these skills across diverse stakeholders in both internal and external environments from the community to the national stage.
  • Good communications skills – an expert listener, oral and written communicator, and public speaker/presenter; able to translate complex technical details and present key concepts clearly to the industry as well as lay audiences in terms that serve to “close the deal.”
  • Clear leadership presence and skills; collaborative, dependable, transparent, and ability to project a confident “this is the way forward”, even in environments exhibiting high levels of fear and uncertainty.
  • Business and financial acumen sufficient to lead an agile, adaptable organization in an evolving industry; entrepreneurial.
  • Political savvy and strategic-level thinking to support both technical and non-technical initiatives
  • Ability to drive/compel organizational and community level change, both inside and outside the organization.
  • Ability to recruit and retain technical and non-technical professionals; expert at coaching and developing others.
  • Experience as a member of a Board of Directors or serving under a Board of Directors.
  • Broad knowledge of health and healthcare issues (the context for QHN’s business).
  • Advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and collaborative tools.


  • Either a bachelor’s-level degree in a relevant field (business, public/health policy, information systems, technology management, etc.) from an institution of higher learning or equivalent experience required.
  • Previous management and executive leadership experience at the organizational level is required, preferably in similar organizations.
  • Entrepreneurial experience is desired.
  • Previous community leadership experience is desired.
  • Previous experience in the healthcare industry and with health information exchanges/ information technology is desired.
  • Regional or national-level experience in advocacy is desired.


  • Frequent travel (local, regional, national, and possibly international) required (as much as 30%).
  • Fully vaccinated against COVID-19
    subject to reasonable accommodations as may be required by law. 
  • This position involves work both in the office and remote environments and significant after-hours requirements throughout the community and region.