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Care Teams and Info Sharing in CRN

Keeping people’s information safe and secure is our number one priority.  But what does it mean to participate in a  “care team” in CRN? Many people hesitate to join a care team because they assume it means adding more to their already full workload.

But joining a care team simply means you are invited to both have access to and share more of the critical info needed to care for your client’s WHOLE health.

And, when you join a care team, you instantly have a more effective way of making crucial decisions on your client’s behalf.
Dr. Sutton sees that Sarah has some unmet needs.

For example, last week, Dr. Sutton saw his patient Sarah and, after having her complete a screener, noticed she had some unmet housing needs. Dr. Sutton immediately invited care Coordinator Callie to the care team. After Callie accepted, she noticed she had access to all the screeners Sarah has completed. This access gave Callie enough information to know what housing program was the best fit.

Callie invites the Housing Authority to join the care team, and Callie makes an instant electronic referral. Sarah is now at the front of the line and has access to housing options in 1/3 the time it would normally take. All because she consented to share her information and her care team chose to share and receive enough info about Sarah to get her back on her feet in record time.

Callie quickly makes a referral with CRN.

Sarah securely messages Dr. Sutton to let him know that she’s taken care of Sarah’s needs. And, the next time Sarah goes in for a check-up, Dr. Sutton will see that she got her housing needs taken care of and is now much healthier because of it.

When you opt to join a care team, you are simply opting for all the info you need to get your client back where they belong- not just as a surviving, but a thriving member of our community.

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