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CRN Year in Review

Last year was full of wins for CRN. Let’s briefly look back at 2022 so we can move forward with new-found momentum into 2023!

To start, CRN saw some of the highest utilization rates since we started this journey during the Covid pandemic in July 2020. Just in 2022 alone, we saw a whopping 10,800 new clients added to the platform, 2,705 new referrals made, 457 new client consents signed, and 44 new network partners (organizations) onboarded into CRN!

Highlights included Delta Health and Community Food Bank onboarding to CRN; Homeward Bound providing more, better, and faster housing services to our large homeless population; and we added two new Community Advisors to help with the consistent growth we are seeing. We welcomed Wade Montgomery and Angela Rodriguez early in 2022 and watched them hit the ground running with the energy needed to connect the community more fully with CRN.

Angela Rodriguez, Community Advisor, Mesa County

“CRN is truly the missing link in identifying a client’s SDoH challenges,” Angela Rodruigez noted. “It’s breaking down silos and providing true whole-person care to western Colorado!”

Sherri Corey, Director of Community Relations

Sherri Corey, our Director of Community Relations, remembers: “two of our staff attended an SDoH conference in California and were encouraged to learn that western Colorado, QHN, and CRN are already well known for our efforts and successes in other states. People are looking to us to see how to engage communities using Whole Health Information Exchange. It’s humbling, but also exciting to see how our efforts are paying off.”

In addition to our celebrations with utilization and outreach to the community about CRN, we facilitated a handful of key upgrades to the system that are worth noting: 

  • We added the ability to mark documents as “internal only” to assist you with restricted viewing access within your agencies to continue to keep client info safe and secure.
  • We connected preferred pronouns to client demographics to continue to keep CRN inclusive to all who use it.
  • The team produced training materials –including short how-to videos and new tip sheets — to keep the platform easy to use.
  • We created functionality for custom forms so agencies can create intake forms based on their specific, unique needs.
  • Also- We are working on– and almost ready with– the ability to schedule and manage appointments between user and client to help keep communication channels open!
Jackie Sievers, Director of Community Resource Network

Heading into 2023, our QHN team is once again anticipating record growth for CRN. There is a lot of energy and movement both statewide and regionally around care coordination and technology. I think there will be opportunities throughout the year for us to partner with communities in all new ways, and I can’t wait to share those with you as they come to fruition. Thanks again for helping us connect people for better health! 

Jackie Sievers

Learn More about CRN in the video below!