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Great News! An Update On Data Received From Area Jails

QHN participants can now receive ADTs and CCDs from the health staff supporting Pitkin and Montrose jails to help you better care for your patients. This is in addition to Mesa County jail, where health staff supporting the jail has been sending crucial data to QHN since 2019.

Health staff in the criminal justice system often struggle with inconsistent access to medications for treating medical or behavioral and mental health conditions. Appropriate access to medications can improve the patient’s health and reduce life-threatening situations as well as prevent costly hospitalizations at the taxpayers’ expense both during incarceration and following release. 

Using data shared via the QHN system helps healthcare providers to treat patients more efficiently and effectively. Health staff that serve the jails often rely on paper charts, sealed envelopes, and even faxes when exchanging information with health care providers or other correctional institutions. These manual processes are time-consuming and can lead to delays in care that negatively impact quality and safety. Now, these healthcare providers can add to a patient’s health record shared on the QHN network, creating a more complete medical history that helps improve health outcomes and lower costs.

Next up- Moffat and Garfield County Jails! Both interfaces should be complete by June 1st

It’s just one of the many ways QHN continues working to help you provide better care for the people in western Colorado. We do the hard stuff so you don’t have to!