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Meet Dr. Katie Price

Meet Dr. Katie Price- Our Newest Board Member

Dr. Katie Price is a board-certified pediatrician at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates, a division of Primary Care Partners. She also works part-time with the Primary Care Partners IT department as a “physician champion.”

Before moving to Grand Junction in 2009, Katie lived in Mammoth Lakes, CA, and was a Pediatrician for Sierra Park Pediatrics.

Katie gained a wealth of experience in rural/frontier medicine during her time at Mammoth Lakes– a town of about 8000 people that is over three hours from the nearest urban area.

Katie has a BA in mathematics from Boston College, a Medical Degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine, and she completed her training in Pediatrics at the University of Utah Hospital Systems in Salt Lake City.

Katie enjoys activities with her family, including watching her teenage twins play sports. She also loves to swim, hike, and travel.


“I am very excited to join the QNH board because as a practicing physician, I benefit daily from the robust information exchange that QNH provides.  In many instances, I am able to obtain up to date clinical information from providers, hospitals and labs throughout the region which helps inform my decision making and saves time for me and my patients.  As a member of the QNH board, I am looking forward to bringing my day to day clinical background and the unique perspective of a pediatrician.”