QHN Governing Policies

The following Policies of Quality Health Network (“QHN”) establish requirements that must be followed by Quality Health Network, Participants, Participant Users, QHN’s officers, directors, employees, subcontractors, agents, and contracted organizations, and any person who accesses the QHN System. 

These Policies apply to both the HIE and CRN, unless otherwise stated in a particular Policy. These Policies are to be interpreted, applied and enforced by QHN in its sole discretion and in furtherance of the mission of QHN. These Policies are incorporated and made part of the “QHN Standards” which are referenced in the Electronic Commerce Agreement between QHN and Participants. Through the Electronic Commerce Agreements, Participants have agreed to Use the QHN System in a manner consistent with and to comply with QHN’s Standards and applicable law. 

Changes to these Policies may reflect changes in applicable law or the need to adopt new technologies, systems, or desired functionality or changes in QHN’s operational procedures. 

Read Here: QHN Governing Policies

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